Palm Pattern that the Owner does not have Family Luck

The beginning of the fate line is just like that in picture A which has the island. The owner is often puzzled by the problem of the family. They think that they have done their best for their family. However, they cannot solve the problem. It is the so-called “Give others a lot of things, but give themselves little things”. If they do not have a life purpose, they will often give out too much for their family, affecting their luck.

If the beginning of the lifeline and the headline are overlapping and messy, or they have an island sign, the owner may be busy with their family before 30 years old. Or they will become the sacrifice of the failure of their parents. If there are many crosses and islands inside the lifeline, they may be wronged because of the disagreement from the brother feud or the financial problems.

People whose family life is not happy or who continuously have family accidents will have the interruption lines coming inside the lifeline and going towards the fate line. Judging from the extending position and the direction, we can predict the timing of the happenings of the family accident. The interruption line one represents the interruption event before 30 years old. The interruption line two represents the interruption event at 40 years old. The interruption line three represents the big family accident from 50 years old to old age. If there is an island in the interruption line, the accident’s timing will be longer.

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