How to read the palms

We should read our palms in the morning. The basic criterion of reading the hands is good lighting. We should adopt the natural light.


The environment of reading palms should not be too hot or too cold. The owner of the hands should not request palm-reading after exercise or drinking the wine. The owner should be calm in mood.


When reading the palms, the owner should extend their hands naturally. They should be relaxed. As such, the palmist can read the color of the line. The palmist can check from the whole palm to the details of the line.


The palmist should use the magnifier to check the hands. The steps of reading the hands are as follows:


The first step is to read the characteristics of the two whole palms to consider whether it is completely fine or has some problems. To check the brightness of the color of the hand and check the thickness of the hands are also important.


Moreover, we should look at the situation of our hand shaking. We should also pay attention to the posture and the extending method of the hands of the owner.


The second step is to see the category of the hand shape to make the analysis.


The third step is to check the length of the fingers and its curvature of the fingers. We also pay attention to the situation of the knuckle and the joint.


We should focus on the type of the thumb and the other four fingers. We should check its highness of the baseline of the fingers. The proportion of three sections of the fingers, the length should also be addressed.


The fourth step is to check the distribution of the major lines and its extending trends. We also have to check its shape as the reference of the analysis.


The fifth step is to check the distribution of the minor lines and various kinds of special signs.


The sixth step is to check the appearance of the mounts, to check whether it is full and flexible. Does it have any special signs? Moreover, we should find out its emerging color.


Last but not the least, we should check the situation of the nail, especially the part of the lunula.


Reading palms is easy and interesting. However, we should notice that there are many details worthy of our attention.

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