The Characteristic of Fate and Opportunity

In order to further discuss fate, we should first make the definition of fate.


What is fate? In general, if someone occupy the leadership role and is shining over the life, people will say that his fate is good. If someone has made a large sum of money in his/her business, people will say that his/her fate is good.


If someone is poor and sick, and he does not have luck during his life, or he loses all his money when opening a factory, people will say that his/her fate is not good.


Many concern about the fate, then what is fate?


Old proverb has said that “fate is luck, luck is timing.” The meaning of this is that fate is “luck during certain timing”. If we talk it in a more proper way, fate is the “grasp of timing”.


It is the definition of fate.


Why is he/she rich all his/her life? It is because he/she has the good opportunity, he/she also grasps this good opportunity to make a difference of his/her life.


Why is he/she poor and miserable all his/her life? It is because he/she does not have the good opportunity. He/she has not grasped the general profitable opportunity. It is his/her problem.


From the above analysis, we further learn that fate has included two elements. One is opportunity; another is the grasp of that opportunity.


The characteristic of opportunity and the fate


For every person, the opportunity has a large deviation. It all depends on people himself. Moreover, in our life, there are many opportunity.


However, many take opportunity as something that happen completely suddenly and something that is irrelevant. It is a wrong opinion. The specific opportunity is somehow by chance. However, if you see from the macroscopic degree, you will find that it has the quality of “pattern” and “equality”.


What is “pattern”? Pattern is the specific framework and scope of what constitute the characteristic, temperament, work and life of a person. The pattern of the opportunity is the person who has the certain characteristic, temperament, work and life is on the certain scope. He or she will enter certain framework. He or she will have certain opportunity.


The “equality” of the opportunity is when the people enter into the certain framework and pattern, he will have the certain opportunity. Therefore, the opportunity is equal to everyone.


There is no irrelevant opportunity. The opportunity of other people is better. It is because his or her pattern of the characteristic, temperament, work and life is better than yours. At least, he or she is better than you in certain aspects. From the perspective of opportunity, it is the same for everyone. From the macroscopic point, the opportunity of everyone is equal.


Then how can we grasp that opportunity to rewrite your life and history? It is related to the subjective and objective maturity of different people. It is different with different people. It has created the fate of different people.

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