15 Ways to be Constantly Improving Your Destiny

To be honest, if you want to improve your destiny, the basic thing you should do is to be a highest-level moral good. However, there are still some secondary method, namely the non-moral good behavior ( the behavior that can improve the living of the people). Only combining these two methods can substantially improve the destiny. The methods you can employ to improve your destiny are as follows:

  • To reinforce the training in various kind of thinking method, such as language analysis, logic thinking, creative thinking, etc to cultivate the clear expression ability, the ability of discussing the essence of the event, the habit of rigorous argument. It helps us inference rigorously and imagine very possible development to find out the suitable strain measures. Apart from that, do not talk with the tart manner. If you can follow these rules, you will be able to handle the change flexibly and make the breakthrough. When you have good luck, you can be successful without much effort. The above point is the “scientific goodness”; it is also the part of non-moral goodness.
  • Watch more humorous joke, comedy and the farce. Show more smile with your effort. Do not wear a trouble look. Especially when encountering the troublesome, you should have the forced smile; it is further better than taking a trouble look.
  • Cultivate the artistic appreciation ability to make the living full of artistic feeling. You should especially cultivate the artistic mood. As such, you can feel that all existence and its activities have certain artistic characteristics. You are not limited to appreciate those arts in narrow sense, such as painting, sculpture and music.
  • We should understand that the difference of the personality of the general people cannot be criticized with goodness or badness. It all depends on whether you can unleash your specialty with the corresponding situation. If you use it in an appropriate way, you can be successful easily. However, the owner whose character is comparatively extreme, he/she should reflect by himself/herself and rectify the character to make his/her character meet the standard of moderation and step on the way of goodness. Apart from changing within the body with his/her own will, the more convenient way is make friendships with the people whose character is opposite to you. Through the change of the environment and everyday’s contact with this friend, you can modify yourself and form the moderate way of living.
  • The people should make effort to unleash its advantages. They should try their best to hidden or rectify their own weakness.
  • If you think your conversation often offends other, you should always keep alert that “you should lose with much conversation” and “the late coming response will be more rational.” In conclusion, before you want to express your opinions, you should be patient for 30 minutes. Think again. And decide whether you should express your opinions in this way.
  • If you always feel that you are intrigued by the bad people, you should change your characteristic of being too straight, being too outspoken, being too served and conceited on one hand. You should handle the things with the feminine way. On the other hand, you should always remind yourself that “Do harm others while you should defend others.” You should not trust others too much. You should always retain the suspicious manner and the virtue of the democratically mutual respect to understand the conversation and the behavior of others. Apart from that, the expression of the private life should have some retention.
  • If you want a lucky marriage, follow the rules of this chapter should have some help.
  • Improve the Feng Shui of your home. The design of your home can be made according to the aesthetic standards of the aesthetics and the direct feelings from the heart. However, please do not form the complicated beauty. Apart from that, travel and change of workplace is also one of the methods of temporarily changing the Feng Shui of existence.
  • Change the outward beauty of yourself. You can change the wearing style, the appearance, hair style, etc to form the beauty of a fresh and full-of-life-force image. Color matching is the low-cost, the easiest implementation method. The above point can improve the body Feng Shui of the people.
  • Do exercise. To make the body and the heart remain at the happy and healthy state. If so, you can remove much bad luck.
  • If you dislike your name very much, you can take the pen name or nickname. If you do not hate or quite like your name, you should understand the meaning of this name that is set by your parents. You could create a better and rich explanation of your name. Once you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, you can introduce yourself by concluding the above explanation. After a long time of explanation, you will be like the ideal model of your explanation.
  • Understand the culture of your residence. For example, if you live in America, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the culture of America. If you live in Taiwan, you should learn more about the advantages and the disadvantages of the culture of Taiwan. You should adapt to the advantages of this culture, prevent from the disadvantages and transform the disadvantages. This is the ultimate way of elevating the fate of the society and oneself.
  • The fate of the countries would influence the role of the individual in the society. Therefore, you should actively participate in the transforming activities of the society. On one hand, we can transform the fate of the society. On the other hand, it can elevate the characteristics and the fate of the individual.
  • To accumulate the karma of good-hearted action (especially the heart of civic action). You should carry out the action of love to permanently elevate your own fate.  Anyone who want to elevate his/her own fate (including present age, coming age, and the offspring). The most important thing is having the caring heart to take care of others and help others. At such, you will naturally accumulate much good karma.

The above mentioned good heart is the nature of the mankind. Only when they have grown up, they have been deceived by the material incentive. Or it is because they are situated at the society that is full of bad people. Their kindness is deduced. However, when the will of one is reinforced to carry out the action of love, the caring action he/she carries out may be very small in scale. Only when he/she insists to carry out, it will form the greatness among the ordinary thing. The so-called holy people are the people who make the effort to do the thing in a very satisfied way or near the perfect state. The readers should remember that “Do not refuse to carry out your action because of its smallness. It is because it is the changing point of your life. Furthermore, the goodness and the love have no difference in quantity. It mainly depends on the largeness of your ability, the motives and the results.  

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