How do You Know Your Wife has Strong Character through Palmistry?

Palm shows that You have Strong Character.

The statement in the cinema – “Ip Man” is right. “There is no one who is afraid of his wife. He will only respect his wife”. Even the master of Kong Fung will also think that we should allow the strong woman speak her opinion.

  • Straight and Long Fate Line

Straight and long fate line does especially affect the women. It represents that she is strong self-identity. Because of her strong career mind, she will always want to create her space in career. For the marriage, they will have the high standard towards the husband. She will request the husband to obey her. Therefore, both sides will have the dispute. The husband will be annoyed.

  • Whorl Fingerprint in ten fingers

If your wife has whorl fingerprint in your ten fingers, this means she is self-centered. She likes to make a command on others. She is selfish and stubborn. She cannot build a smooth conversation with others. It is because that she cannot persuade her husband, her attitude will become cold. She will accumulate the negative feelings in her heart and it will explode at once.

  • Intermediate gap in the Heart Line

If your wife has the intermediate gap in your heart line, this means she has been hurt by others repeatedly. As such, she will suspect the essence of love affairs. She always considers things in a practical way. Therefore, she will be seen as the greedy woman. If she has the marriage, she will always track your schedule. It will make you feel no good. It will further make the dispute between both sides. It represents that her husband are easily to get the accidents. She will be alone.

  • Broken Head Line

If your wife has the broken head line, it means that she is career-minded. She will be eager to have the power and social status. As such, she will be not care about her love life. When she chooses the husband, she will consider the material power of the other side. She will not consider whether the both side is fit with each other. Therefore, even though she has the marriage, she will have many obstacles in her marriage. It will put a lot of pressure on each other. Her love affair is not interesting.

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