Does Confused Palm Lines mean Bad Fate?

There are the main lines and the secondary lines in people’s palm. Apart from telling the characteristic of the individual, it can explain the direction of life and the function of the advantages and the disadvantages.

Therefore, when the person lives in a complex environment, their palm line will be confused. It is because when the body and the nerves of the brain are under the sensitive condition, their emotion will also become sad and sensitive under the influence of the physiological situation. This also makes their palm line have sudden change.

From the whole situation of the palm line, the simple, clear and balanced palm line is comparatively better. The confused and deep palm line suggests that the owner will have higher opportunity to experience larger up-and-downs in their life. Their life will have a change.

What is worse is the skin of the hand is hard and rough and there are many barrier lines in the centre of the palm. They have constructed to be a net with other lines. The people who have this kind of palm lines may be busy with making money.

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