How do you Know that You have a Good Husband through Palmistry?

Palm shows that you are a good husband.

In our society, many men will please his partners with sweet words before marriage. They will even swear to love his partners all the life. They will use sweet bomb to make advance into the women’s heart. However, after marriage, they will change their behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to use palmistry to find the real good husband.

  • Complete and Curved heart Line

A complete and curved heart line means the shape of your heart line is out of any defect and the ending of line is curved upwards. It represents that your husband is moderate and thoughtful. He focuses on the feelings. He will respect the thought of other side. He can tolerate with the small mistakes of another side. He is responsible for himself and the family.

  • Long and Clear Bracelet Line

A long and clear bracelet line means that the shape of the bracelet line is very tidy. It is out of any unknown signs. It represents that his thinking is clear and can handle the business with his boldness. He can arrange the business with order. He can carry out the business step by step. The condition of his wife is good. He will be responsible for his wife and family.

  • Eye Sign on the Thumb

The eye sign on the thumb means that the sectional line on the upper part of the thumb has a shape of eye. It represents that the owner has his own idea. He can plan his life by himself. He can make a space in his career. For the marriage, he and his wife love each other. They can maintain the harmony of his family. He and his wife is blessed by everyone as immortal.

  • Sun Line Starting from Moon Mount

If you husband has the sun line starting from moon mount, this means your husband can consider the event from the other’s point of view. He will not be too selfish. His relationship with others is good. In terms of relationship status, he will meet a good-condition wife. His relationships with his wife will last till to the old age. He is willing to pay his heart to the family. He will take care of his wife and family and maintain the humorous family life.

  • Solid, thick and Protruded Mounts

Solid, thick and protruded mounts means that the three mounts that represents luck, fortune, and life span do not have any wound. Its shape is full. It represents that the fate of the owner is very good. His family is calm and harmony. He will have the certain foundation of the career life. In his marriage, he will have a good wife. He and his wife will love each other.

  • Whorl Fingerprints on Ten Fingers

If your husband has whorl fingerprints on ten fingers, he will be career-minded. He will hope to have his own space on the society as soon as possible. He will emphasize on the working effectiveness. He will pay full attention on the work. He will have the momentum of achieving the aim with the greatest effort. Sometimes, he will even forget about taking a rest. His burden will continuously increase. However, after working hard, he will have the abundant result.

  • Apparent and Clear Sun Line

Apparent and clear sun line means the straight line under the sun finger. It represents that the owner is generous and cheerful. He is optimistic. He will have good people skill. He will have good popularity. The development of his career is good. Even though there are some problems in the mid-way of his career life, he will get help from others. His problems will be totally solved.

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