Is There any Back-up Theory to Check the Disease from Hand?

There is the back-up theory to check the disease from hand. The Chinese medical people suggest that the human body just like the little universe that has the internal and external interactive function.

If your organ has any change, it will be directly reflected in the outside body. The biggest change will be the disease in the body. The smallest change will be the change of the skin pattern.

Although the palm line of the people is inborn, it will be changed according to the health situation of the acquired life. It will show some important physiological information of the human body. It is waiting for the de-coding of the people. We can make some corresponding prevention strategy.

There is keen relationship between the disease measuring of hand analysis and the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory. It is because that the meridian has long been seen to be the channel of running of human blood. And the main trunk of twelve meridians is distributed in the fingers. If there is any disease inside the human body, the running of human blood and meridians will be affected. Finally, the hand and foot that is located at the termination of the human body will have the sign of disease.

“Soul Cabinet” of “Yellow Emperor’s internal canon” has made a thesis for disease measure of hand reading: “Seeing its appearance to learn its internal situation, we can learn what kind of disease it has.” We can see that hand-reading is important for the function of measuring disease. Hand-reading is completely effective for the purpose of preventing and measuring the disease of human body.

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