Does Size of Hand affect Fate?

Fate is created by us. However, some characteristics of our hand do show the trait of our fate. Let us explore it.

The owner of the larger hand is cautious about their action. Before taking action, they would make a detail plan. The owner of this kind of hand is conservative. They are not materialistic. If they are women, they will be immature in handling the human relationships.

The owner of the smaller hand usually reacts quickly. They can change their plan according to the environment. They are brave to take actions. It seems that they like a baby who is not afraid of the tiger. They take actions without the plan. However, they can grasp any opportunity. Therefore, they are largely successful.

The owner of the fat and thick hand and having short and rough fingers is energetic. They are mild in the ordinary day. However, they do not like thinking. Therefore, they are easy to lose their temper. They tend to have high blood pressure and heart disease.

The owner of the firm, flexible and larger hand belongs to the people who have square shape. They are usually energetic. However, they are stubborn. They will not take the suggestion of others.

We can see that hand shape does really affect our fate. However, your proactive action is also important to your fate.

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