Are you a Practical Person?

The owner who has the thick and short finger can handle their life in reality. The characteristic of this type of hand shape is that the finger is thick and short. The whole palm will just as hard as a wood. The skin of the hard is dark in color and rough in surface. If you touch him, it will like touching a tree bark.

Someone who has this kind of hand generally will lack of romantic mindset. He or she will lack of romantic temperament. This kind of people will show impatient and stupid when they ask for love relationships. They just have the short-term thinking. They will express their strong emotions with simple and rough way.

What they mind is the physiological stimulation. They will neglect the spiritual needs of the partner. They will find hard to make the partner satisfied. Therefore, their love affairs always have some problems.

This type of people will take action without the rational judgment and all depend on the instinct. They are straightforward, sincere, and generous. However, they are also stubborn, not talkative. They do not like to tremendous thinking of the event. It does not represent that they are stupid. When they meet the luck, they will unleash utmost talent.

Anyway, this type of people finally is not suitable for doing the creative and technical work.

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