What does the Ambition Line indicate?

People with the ambition line will have big ambition towards the work and the life.

The ambition line is starting at the lifeline. It is the straight line extending to the index finger on the Jupiter mount. Some will have one ambition line. Others will have many ambition lines. All of them are scattered on the Jupiter mount.

People who have the ambition lines will have big ambition towards the work and the life. They have solid belief. They can find ways to make the breakthrough in the dilemma when encountering difficulties. Apart from the self-efforts, they will also hope the surrounding people will make the efforts as same as he or she makes. Therefore, they will inevitably have the desire of controlling others. Even for the love affairs, they would like the partners to do what they want them to do.

People who have many ambition lines are keen on career life. They have too many desires and is hard to focus on one thing. Although they always have tremendous confidence, they always lose big things because of trivial things.

If there is a barrier line on the ambition line, they will have an obstacle in the process of the struggle. However, when this line is not clear and the owner is stick to work hard, he or she will get success finally.

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