Is the Big Finger Gap good or not?

People with the big finger gap have the “money leaking palm”.

“Money leaking palm” is also called “Leaking palm”. It is when one people reach out their hands, there is a great distance between the middle finger, the index finger, the ring finger. It likes funnel. It represents that the owner cannot save money. It is especially the third phalange of the middle, index, and ring finger. It is typical of the “leaking palm”.

People with the “leaking palm” have an indecisive personality. Even though there is good business in front of them, they will miss the opportunity because of their characters.

Apart from that, this kind of person is more stubborn. They used to follow the established discipline. They lack the innovative sense. They performed worse than others in the respective of creating and acquiring wealth. Therefore, they said that people with large finger gaps are easy to leak money.

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