What does the Health Line indicate?

Health line does show your health.

The health line is also called the “unhealthy line” or “disease line”. It is the extending line from the wrist to the Mercury mount. It can indicate the health condition of the owner. When the health has problems, this line will have some changes.

Healthy people will not have this line. Only those who are too tired or unhealthy will have this line. Moreover, when this line happens, it will be hard to disappear. Therefore, we should pay attention to our health.

If we have the health line, this line should be straight and strong. It represents that the owner is vigorous. His or her sexual desire is strong. Moreover, he or she will have a stable life and helping hands from others. He or she will have a strong economical concept. They are suitable for doing business.

If the health line is intermittent or curved, it represents that the constitution of the owner is bad. They should pay attention to the condition of the digestive system. It is especially when the health line is fragmented or trapezoid.

If the health line is wave-like, it represents that the owner may suffer from weak liver or gallbladder function.

If the health line is chain-like, it represents the weakness of the respiratory system.

If the junction of the health line and the lifeline has the island, it represents the disease of the respiratory organ.

If there are fine and complex lines within the island and the line of the island is slack, it is the symptom of the inflammation of the respiratory system and the throat.

If the junction of the headline and the health line has the star sign, it represents that there is a problem in the genitourinary system. Women will have fertility issues. If the color of this location is black, it may have the issue of neurosis when giving birth. If it is the male, it represents the weakness of the sexual function or infertility.

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