What Does It Mean If You Have Many Marriage Lines?

Generally, you will not only have one marriage line. Among various lines, you should find the longest and most apparent one as the marriage line. Others which are shorter and more swallow should be stared as the line that symbolizes some variations in our love life.

If you have two marriage lines, you will have lucky love life. However, after marriage, you have large chance to devoice. You many have another marriage.

If you have two marriage lines that are near with each other and the length of two lines are greatly different, you may be involved in an extra-marital affair. If one line on the top is longer, you will have premarital sex. If one line on the bottom is longer, you will have sex with others after marriage.

If you have three marriage lines, you will be passionate, have weak belief in virginity. You can love many peoples at the same time. However, if you control yourself a little bit, you can prevent from suffering from the love dispute.

If you have four or more marriage lines, you are erotic. You do more emphases on the physical love than spiritual love. You find hard to have a normal family life.

If you have many marriage lines and these lines have small lines, your emotional feeling is rich. You have good luck with the opposite sex. You have many choices and lack of stable idea of love affairs. You will easily love others beyond your lovers. You have many lovers.

If your marriage lines is a mess and have an island, you will marry very early. However, your first love affairs will not be successful.

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