What does it Mean if You do not have Marriage Line?

The marriage line is the line that is situated under the little finger and above the heart line.

It is a palm line that reflect the martial state. It is not only related to the martial state, it also reflects the human relationships with others of the owner. In the physiological aspect, it represents the effect of the sex hormone on the human body. Therefore, if you have no marriage line or have a unclear marriage line, it means that your sexual function is weak. If a female has this characteristic, she will get rid of the opposite sex. Therefore, they seldom have love life. It is highly possible they will be single.

Same with other lines, the marriage line will change according to the time. For those who have not reached the age of 20 in their life, the marriage line may not appear. Under this circumstance, we cannot make a conclusion that one with no marriage line will be single. After all, their marriage line will appear later.

On the contrary, one with too many marriage lines may live alone as they are easy to have love affairs. Their choices are numerous. Their attitude of marriage is not correct.  

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