How can you find your Age of Marriage from Marriage Line?

Just looking at the location of your marriage line, you will find out when you will get marriage.

First, you need to make two parts between the line under the little finger and the heart line. The central point represents the age of twenty-five or twenty-six. Then you can find out your age of marriage with this framework. The region a little bit below the central point is the age of twenty-one or twenty-two. It belongs to the type of early marriage. And the region above the central point belongs to the type of late marriage.

Apart from that, there is still one situation that there are lines above and below the central point. In that situation, we should look which line is clearest and deepest. According to that reading, we can make a judgement of the accurate marriage age. Specifically, the fine lines represent the marriage opportunity. The most clear and deep line should represent the real time of marriage.

It should be explained if your palm has many marriage lines, you should select the clearest one to make the judgement. If the length and the sharpness of the lines are roughly the same, the owner may probably divorce even though he or she gets marriage.

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