How does a Worse Marriage Line Look Like?

1. A marriage line shows that the love affair changes continuously

If your marriage line disrupts, it means that your love affairs will be disrupted by the outside factors. For example, you may divorce or separated with your partner. If your marriage line disrupts and there is a branch with it. It has aided the marriage line. Your relationships with your partner will be restored. However, it may also imply that the partner will die. You should take care of it.

2. A marriage line shows that you are distinguished and admirable

If you have many marriage lines and the length of it is somewhat the same, it represents that there may have a third party in your marriage. It also symbolizes divorce and separation. The main reason of that is the owner of this palm pattern is distinguished and admirable. He or she loves indulging into the eroticism. However, if the heart line is also not too good. The owner should take of the indecent trap.

3. A Marriage line shows that your love affair meets many hinderance

If your marriage line has an island, it represents that you will meet many hinderance in your love affair. You may not easy to find a suitable partner. You may find it hard to settle down. You should wait for a long period of time and make great effort to find your best partner. As the love affair is not smooth, the owner may be too pessimistic to have the hope for marriage. He or she will not find a way to make the improvement and succumb to fate.

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