How does a Better Marriage Line Look Like?

1. Marriage line that symbolizes good marriage

The marriage line that symbolizes good marriage means you will have one marriage line in both palms. These lines are straight, branchless and do not fracture. They have no messy lines. If there is only one marriage line, you will not be successful in handling the problems of love affair. If you have several marriage lines and one of them is clear and long, it represents that you have the rich experience of having love affairs. You can handle the love affairs and make the good and luck marriage.

2. Marriage line that symbolizes freedom

You can say that the longer and clearer of the marriage line, the more powerful of your ability of handling the marriage. You can choose your partner by your own will. You do not need to find your lover through the agency. This kind of people is extrovert, optimistic, aggressive and like to take the challenge. His or her love life is full of fun.

3. Marriage line that symbolizes sublime

When the end of the marriage line is curved upwards, it represents the owner pays attention to the spiritual life. He or she hopes that he or she can have the minds that think alike with the partner. The owner can care for each other with the partner. The owner and his or her lover can cherish each other. This kind of people is easy-going, not materialistic. His or her relationships with other is monotonous. If he or she choose an extravert and zeal partner, he or she may be easy to have the dispute.

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