Are the People with a Short or Break-up Headline stupid?

Headline can show our intelligence.

People with a short headline (it is moderate for the end of the headline reaches the below portion under the gap between the ring finger and the little finger) usually has weak willpower. He or she lacks passion and cannot lift the spirit towards the world. However, their IQ is still very high.

People with a headline reaching the below portion of the middle finger has the problem of lost attention since childhood. Their memory power and willpower are very bad. Their academic result is bad. They give the impression of stupidity to the parent and the teacher.  This kind of person is narrow-minded and selfish. They are easy to lose their temper. In addition to the absence of a passion for the work and doing work in an anticlimactic way, they will find it hard to satisfy the boss. Therefore, their career will be stagnant. At the same time, in the aspect of getting along with people, they respond negatively. They will be the loser in those relationships, let alone they cannot make good friendships with others.

People with a choppy headline may have the disease of the brain, apart from the inattention and bad mental condition. This kind of person is easy to suffer from migraines or amnesia. People with cohesive interruption in the headline will be suspicious. They have a negative outlook on life and lack a sense of security. They will find it hard to make good friendships with others.

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