What is the Characteristic of the People with the hand of Metal element?

People with the palm of metal element is practical.

The characteristic of the hand of the metal element is that it is square. The ratio of the finger and the palm is one to one. The palm is angular.

The fingers starting from the bottom to the top is from thick to thin. The fingers appear slightly conical and very small. The knuckle of the finger is very small. The nail is square. The portion of the palm is thick and flexible. The skin is exquisite and shiny.

With this kind of hand, the owner is simple. He or she emphasizes practical life and has super-strong will-power and endurance. After setting the target, he or she usually can move forwards unswervingly. He or she never gives up lightly. In interpersonal communication, people with this kind of hand will perform carefully. He or she pays attention to the unity of words and actions.

This kind of person cares about loyalty. He or she is very decent. However, he or she is sluggish. He or she is not good at expressing himself or herself and lacks a sense of romance. He or she does not know how to considerate.

However, with this kind of hands, he or she is learned. He or she mostly can work hard and is promising. He or she is suitable for being a politician, social activist, and manager. If raising in not a proper time or not being educated, he or she will mostly be a worker.

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