What is the Characteristic of the People with the Hand of the Water Element?

The palm of the water element is called the “hand of activity”.

The characteristic of the hand of the Water element is that the finger and the palm are exclusively slender. The muscle of the hand is tight and flexible. The thickness of the finger-tip and the finger base is equal. Or the finger-tip is slightly thicker than the finger base. The finger-tip is round and wide.

This type of hand is also called the “hand of activity”. People with this kind of hand have a special opinion on daily life. He or she will be successful in the literary field. In history, many artists have this type of hand.

People with this kind of hand has the elegant temperament and unique taste. They are mostly interested in fortune-telling and psychology. They have a religious belief. However, they are easy to get superstition. They are mostly the idealist. They stand aloof from worldly affairs. Among various kinds of hand shapes, the owner with this kind of hand is the one that neglects the enjoyment of the material world. They always do the business with their intuition. The owner can link up the thinking with the subconscious mind. Some even have the super-power.

Besides, people with hands of water elements sometimes will too idealistic. They love fantasy and seldom take action. They always love fancy clothes. It seems to be fashionable, but it is a disappointing action in real life. They are sensitive, fragile. They focus on the feeling of the heart and is usually influenced by other’s opinion. They think that it is a harm for themselves. In the real-life, they will self-destruct once encountering the difficulties and will sink.

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