What is the Characteristic of the People with the Hand of the Wood Element?

People with the palm of wood element will have thick knuckles.

The characteristic of the hand of the Wood element is that the palm is wide, thick, and hard. The size of the palm is medium or larger.

The finger is small and long. The thickness of the finger from the top to bottom is equal. The shape of the finger-tip is square and angular. The thumb is bigger. The knuckle is thick and apparent. Many skinny people have this kind of palm.

When closing up the palm, we can see the gap. Moreover, the muscle on the back of the palm is protruding. Checking out from outside, it appears ups and downs and hardness.

There are many lines in the palm. There is a developed heart line and headline extending towards the gap between the index finger and the middle fingers. The line forms a feathery line that goes downwards. The headline is inclined flat and curved. It represents the owners’ rational mind and thought.

People who have the hand of the Wood element is mostly raised in the poor family. He or she is independent, quiet, law obeying, hard work, and studious. Around 30 years old, he or she can establish a stable life. However, his or her creative power is not good. He or she is too rational and usually uses a proud attitude to show himself or herself to the world. He or she loves handling things with intuition. Therefore, he or she always cannot express himself or herself clearly. Finally, he or she will have an obstacle in human communication.

People with this kind of hand are suitable for working in agriculture, business, family sideline. He or she can be the company staff, bookkeeper, accountant, and civil servant.

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