What is the Characteristic of the People with the Hands of the Earth Element?

What is the characteristic of the people with the earth element?

The characteristic of the hands of the earth element is that the palm is in the shape of a square. The fingers are fat and thick. It is very cute. It is because the palm is shorter. It gives others a sense of heaviness at the same time. Western palmistry stated that the character of this kind of hands is rough. They have a strong sexual drive. It may be although the skin of this kind of hands is fine, the hand shape is giving the image of clumsy.

However, this kind of hands is called a practical hand. Although people with this kind of hands are more conservative, the character of them, in the real-life, is very easygoing. For the life, they keep a steady and pragmatic attitude. They are not afraid of difficulties. No matter how big the difficulty is in front of them, they can provoke it with one shoulder. They have the style and posture of a leader. Moreover, when facing love affairs, they are an extremely dependable lover.

Besides, the character of the people with the hands of the earth element is keen. They hate constraint. They love breathing the fresh air in nature. They enjoy the feeling of harmony and unity in nature. Therefore, they will choose to live in the countryside that is not convenient and not willing to live in the city. It may be related to the steadfast and stable feeling of nature.

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