What is the Characteristic of the People with the Hands of the Fire Element?

What is the character of the people with the hand of the fire element?

The characteristic of the hand of the fire element is that the shape of the palm is rectangular. The whole hand is slender. The finger is shorter than the palm. The flesh of the palm is soft. The base of the finger is thicker. Starting from the second phalange to the finger-tip, the finger becomes thinner. The finger-tip is round and the knuckle is softer. The fingers of the owner can freely bend and extend to the back of the hand.

People with this kind of handshape will be extremely vigorous and lively by nature. He or she does always love to break the peace of life and love to make a challenge. They love a fast-paced lifestyle and can effectively use the time. They always have one mind and two purposes. They are always passionate and do everything well. Therefore, they are easy to become a convincing leader in the organization.

It is because they pursue a challenge in the long-term and look for passion. Among these kinds of people, many always let their full energy bet on sports, get good results, and even can break the record. At the same time, the people with fire elements have strong will-power. They never give up if they cannot get the target. They usually challenge their limits. Therefore, people with this kind of hands will be easy to get hurt or accidents. They should pay attention to it.

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