What does the Headline indicate?

Headline does indicate your level of intelligence.

It is good for the headline to be thick, deep, and clear. It represents that the psychological element of that people is stable. He or she has good memory power and is clever. Moreover, they have a strong will-power and judgement.

If the front end of the headline is overlapping with the lifeline, it means that he or she think carefully. He or she is decisive. The owner will be the leader of the organization.

If the headline extends upwards, it represents that he or she is optimistic, aggressive. He or she can turn risk to be safety.

If the headline extends downwards, it represents that he or she is pessimistic and negative. He or she will withdraw when combating the difficulties. He or she is more passive.

If the headline curves downwards, is close to the lifeline, and keep away from the heart line, it represents that he or she steadily handles the world. However, when confronting the lover, he or she will not know how to vindicate. And after a broken relationship, he or she takes a long time to heal.

If the headline extends to the outside of the palm, he or she has very strong intuition. He or she is inspired.

If the headline is deep and long and slightly goes downwards, and the end of it has many branches, he or she has a high IQ.

If the headline on both hands is moving upwards and downwards individually, the mood of the owner swings. The owner will be aggressive at some times and passive at other times.

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