What does the Heart Line indicate?

The heart line indicates the emotional state.

The heart line represents the emotion. It includes love affairs, friendships, affection, jealous emotion, and the possessive mind.

According to the heart line, we can make judgement of the attitude of how one handles the emotion. We also can find out the character of the owner and his or her strength of heart.

If the heart line does not have the branches and it is deep and apparent, and finally it reaches the space between the index finger and the middle finger, it represents that the owner is very rational when handling the love affairs. However, he or she does not attract the opposite sex.

If the heart line extends to the base of the index finger, the owner is honest and has morality. The concept of love is very simple. He or she will contribute all to the lovers. However, as they are indulged too much in love affairs, they will be hurt.

If the heart line is like a chain and many lines mix up with it, it predicts that the owner has delicate feelings. He or she is considerate to others. He or she is welcomed by the opposite sex.

If the heart line is too long and extends to the outside of the Jupiter mount, he or she is indiscriminate and possessive. He or she will not give up if not meeting the target.

If the heart line extends to the base of the ring finger, he or she pays attention to the quality of the life and not the emotion. He or she is more capricious. Therefore, they usually will be isolated by others.

If the ending of the heart line goes upwards, the owner pays attention to the emotion. He or she is sympathetic. However, he or she is easy to be fooled by others.

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