What does the Lifeline indicate?

Lifeline indicate the status of your health.

A human’s lifeline has two types. One is the semicircular parabola. One is in a narrow arc.

One that shows in semicircular parabola has a large region of revolving the thumb. It represents that the physical strength is good. The owner has good health. Moreover, he or she is optimistic.

One that is in a narrow arc represents that the physical strength of the owner is bad. He or she is cool.

The lifeline does not only indicate the length of the life but also indicate the health condition and predate the disaster.

If the lifeline is deep, long, apparent, and continuous, it represents that the health condition of the owner is good. He or she is vigorous and has a long life.

If the lifeline is swallow and short, the owner has a bad constitution. He or she is easy to get sick. He or she is upright and down-to-earth. However, the owner is timid.

If the lifeline is short, but other lines are apparent, it represents that the owner recovers fast although he or she usually gets sick.

If the lifeline is winding, the owner has unstable life. He or she is usually changing.

If there is a parallel line beside the lifeline, he or she can make every evil turn good. His or her health condition will turn better.

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