What does the Supporting Line indicate?

People who have the supporting line are kind and warm-hearted.

The supporting line is also called the “sister line”. It is the line that is parallel to the lifeline and is located inside the lifeline.

People who have the supporting line are kind and warm-hearted. They are easy to get helping hands from others and get success in the career life. Moreover, the supporting line also indicates how the owner gets along with the lovers.

For the male, it means that the owner is always getting helping hands from others in the society. He is always promoted and appreciated by the people that do come from a higher class of society.

However, the female does not have a boss in ancient society. For the female, the person that helps her is her spouse. Her supporting line is also called the “spouse line”. The female who has the apparent supporting line will have the spouse who always accompanies her. However, after marriage, her luck will change.

The supporting line happens near the location of the palm. It starts from the location inside the lifeline and extends to the wrist. The people that help us are our parents. In the youth, the owner may get help from the parents or the elder people beside them. He or she may get the spouse with the help of these people.

If there is a small horizontal line on the supporting line, he or she may be the full-time babysitter after the child has been born.

If the supporting line has the branches, he or she may get a bad spouse. The owner is easy to be hurt in the love affairs. Therefore, his or her love journey is not smooth.

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