What does the Sun Line indicate?

Sun line does indicate fame and wealth.

Sun line is also called “Liu Xiu Wen” or second fate line. It has different starting points. It will extend to the bottom of the ring finger. Some of them will stop at the upper part of the sun mount.

If the sun line is clear, deep, and well-formed, the owner will get helping hands from others in the whole life. His or her wish will come true. They will get fame and wealth.

If the sun line starts at the place near the wrist, it means the innate growth environment of the owner is bad. He or she will get helping hand from the seniority. He or she will have the property when the owner is young.

If the sun line starts at the center of the palm, the owner will create his or her world with his or her efforts.

If there are two sun lines, the owner will have the complimentary job, apart from the main job. At the same time, he or she will get helping hand from others to overcome the obstacles.

If there are multiple sun lines or there are many branches in the sun line, the owner may be failed because of greed.

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