What does the Marriage Line indicate?

Marriage line can show the quality of your love partner.

The marriage line is located under the little finger. It is parallel to the heart line. It extends horizontally at the edge of the palm.

Apart from showing the quality of the love partners, it also tells us whether we are lucky after the marriage. It tells us the condition of sexual life.

For the general, they will have two or three marriage lines. Some may have more. However, we should choose the longest one and the most apparent one to make the analysis.

It is best to have a clear and deep marriage line. People with this kind of line will find an idealistic partner. They will have a happy and harmony marriage. It is especially among those who have the marriage line in both hands. It implies that they will have better luck.

People who have more than four marriage lines will have extremely good fate with the opposite sex.

If the marriage line is short, the owner is not good at speaking. They love missing the love partners unilaterally.

If the marriage line is long, the owner will show elegant manners. They have good morality.

If the marriage line is blurry, they have bad luck in marriage. They are not only hard to find an idealistic partner. They will have many obstacles in love affairs.

If there is a gap in the marriage line, they will have good luck in the initial phase of love affairs. However, there will have a break.

If there is another marriage line in the midst of the marriage line, the owner will have a break in their marriage. However, their marriage will recover.

If the marriage tilts upwards, the owner will be single-minded in the concept of love affairs. They will have good relationships with their partners.

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