What does the Traveling Line indicate?

The traveling line is the branch that branches out from the lifeline at the bottom of the lifeline. It is a line that judges the traveling matter of the owner. From the traveling line, we can check what kind of traveling the owner experience, apart from checking the luck of the route of the traveling.

If you have many clear, continuous, and branching-out traveling line, you are avant-garde and love traveling. You have a heavily curious mind. You love traveling around the world to explore the culture and geography of the locale. The process of the traveling is smooth. If you have the traveling line recently, it represents that you may travel immediately.

The length of the traveling line represents the distance of the destination from your hometown. The depth of the traveling line can check whether this travel can fulfill your desire or not. If there is a break or chain-like in the traveling line, they may have emergencies or dangerous situations. If the end of the traveling line has the island sign, the travel plan is in progress. It may not be implemented or may be interrupted.

If the traveling line reaches the bracelet line and is clear and continuous, the owner may live a long life. If the traveling line extends to the moon mount that is situated directly under the middle finger and the little finger, the owner may migrate to foreign countries. They may live here at old age. If the end of the traveling line has many branches, they will travel widely and do not live in one place for a long time.

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