What does the Treasury Line indicate?

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The treasury line is the completely horizontal line happening in the second phalange of the thumb. The horizontal lines, the vertical lines or the grid patterns that happen in the lower part of the thumb are called the “fortune line”. Generally, these two patterns show the luck of the fortune of a person.

The fortune line represents how much money the owner likely earns. And the treasury line shows whether one can defend one’s fortune and the timing of defending the fortune.

The sum of the fortune the owner earns will according to the number of these patterns, no matter which kind of pattern they have. This kind of people will do anything by themselves. Therefore, they will get a large sum of compensation.

People who have the treasury line can predict when they can defend the money according to the location of the treasury line. The location near the phalange of the thumb is the age of zero. The location near the bottom of the thumb is eighty years old. If someone has the treasury line that is near the phalange of the thumb, it tells that one will have the fortune when they are young. Otherwise, if the treasury line is near the bottom of the thumb, it tells that one can only defend his or her fortune at old age. Generally, one will have the treasury line at forty-five years old.

We should notice when one has the treasury line, they should pay attention to its shape. If there is a loophole in the treasury line, it represents that their fortune will leak. If there are two treasury lines, the one on the top is interrupted, and the one at the bottom is complete, it represents that one is bad at handling their fortune when they are young. They can only defend their fortune at old age. If both treasury lines are complete, it represents that the owner is cautious in spending the money. They can save up the money.

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