What does the Peach Blossom Pattern indicate?

Many small lines like a flower in the palm. That is called the “Peach Blossom Pattern”. The more the number of the peach blossom pattern, the more attractive the owner is. In this period, if the owner is overindulgent, their energy will be exhausted.

The peach blossom pattern that extends diagonally upwards represents that the owner has good human relationships with others. Apart from attracting the attention of the opposite sex, they will be supported by the subordinate. They have a broad base of the mass. Their career development is good. Generally, the public figure and the worker of the performing arts will have this pattern.

If the peach blossom pattern does not only extend diagonally upwards, it extends to various directions, it will be said to be the bad peach blossom. People with this pattern will be extremely casual in handling the work.

The peach blossom pattern that is long and passes through the lifeline is also called the “animal pattern”. People with this pattern lacks reason. They have large sexual desires. Their sexual behavior just likes animals. People with this pattern should pay attention to the sexual life and quit the bad habits as soon as possible.

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