How can We predict Our Fate with the Girdle of Venus?

The girdle of Venus is located between the index finger and the middle finger and extends curvedly to the bottom of the little finger. It indicates the message of the love affairs of the women and the men.

If the girdle of Venus is apparent and extends towards the area between the ring finger and the little finger, he or she has good conduct. It can be called “wise and brave”. If it is too apparent, the owner will have the bad habit of drinking alcohol too much and having a messy sexual life.

If the girdle of Venus is connecting to the marriage line, the controlling power of the owner towards the love affairs is very low. It is easy to have a bad marriage and the owner may affect the marriage of other peoples.

If the girdle of Venus is overlapping, the owner will be emotional. Their mind will be full of the wrong concepts. They will have many failures because of the problem of love affairs.

If Girdle of Venus is constructed by the discontinued and short lines, the owner will be distinguished and admirable.

If Girdle of Venus has the island sign, the owner will be too warm-hearted and cheerful. Their perceptual power is greater than the rational power.

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