Whether do we have Longer Longevity than our Partner? Please check our Palms

If the marriage line drops extensively and becomes a hook, it represents that the owner will lose his or her lover in the mid-age.

If the marriage line drops down, cuts, and enters into the heartline, the lovers of the owner may have died already. In old-age, the family of the owner is easy to have the change.

However, you should not make the judgment just by one marriage line. We should make the judgment according to the corresponding patterns of the three main lines. It is especially the case if the marriage line indicates that the owners will lose their partners. However, we still need to refer to the family accident line that represents the family accident in the Venus mount. As such, we can conclude that the owners will lose their partners.

When encountering a sudden natural disaster, people with this kind of palm pattern may not be able to withstand it. However, they should pay attention to body care to avoid certain diseases that can be prevented from takes the life of the lovers.

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