Can the Little Finger be modified to prevent the Villian?

How can we prevent from the villian?

If you want to know the expressive power of someone, you should check his or her little finger.

If the little finger is long, the owner has excellent eloquence. If the little finger is shorter, the expression ability will be very bad.

The standard length of the little finger should reach the knuckle pattern of the first phalange of the ring finger. If the little finger cannot reach the standard or the little finger has an abnormal situation, it tells that the owner is inborn to have a barrier in the language expression. Therefore, it is inevitable that he or she will endure hardships in the world. He or she has a higher probability to offend the villain.

However, please do not worry. We have the corresponding solution in our traditional culture. We just need to retain the nail of the little finger to the level to reach the knuckle pattern of the first phalange of the ring finger. Or we can wear a ring on the little finger. It will have the function of preventing the villain.

Apart from that, in the folklore, wearing the ring on the little finger has the function of preventing from leaking money. If the finger gap is too large or the owner tends to leak the money, they can try this method.

Although we do not know whether the above method is effective in preventing the villain in the palmistry, we can urge people continue to improve themselves through the external physical form.

The method of improving the shortcomings and making up for the inborn shortage has a certain psychological implying function.

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