Can more Movement of the Fingers improve Fortune?

Can more movement of the fingers bring more fortune?

If you feel that your luck is not good, there is one method that can take you out of that situation. That is moving your fingers more. It is because the effective palm exercise can make the palm line have certain changes. It will have the effect of changing the luck.

For example, when you move your thumb according to certain frequency, it will take a lead to the lifeline. At the same time, if you move your index finger, it will take a lead to the headline. If you move the little finger and the ring finger, the heart line will be get involved. If you move the inside portion of the thumb and the little finger, it will make the fate line to be clear. The luck represented by your palm pattern will move forwards in a good direction. In the following paragraphs, we introduce two kinds of more effective palm exercises. You only need to function according to the instructions, your luck will be sure to be changed:

(1) Place your two palms against each other, bring ten fingers together, and then squeeze each other from the left and right side;

(2) Grab the wrist of the other hand with one hand and pull slowly and hard towards your fingertips.

If you do that palm exercise several times per day, it can help you change your luck effectively. Go ahead and have a try!

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