What do the Signs and Deformed Lines mean?

Different kinds of signs have different meanings.

When we observe the characteristic of the palm, apart from observing the palm line, we should also pay attention to various graphs in the palm. Its size may be different with different people. Some of them may be as small as rice grains. Some may be as large as soybeans. The location they happen is also different. Some of them happen as independent signs. Some of them happen on the main lines.

Sometimes, the sign reflects good luck. Sometimes, it reflects bad luck. It is important to the judgment of the palm characteristics.

Criss-crossing lines

1. Two-Fold Yarns

It indicates that the end of the line has been divided into two branches. It is like the word “Y”. It reinforces the meaning of the line. It predicates that there will have good luck.

2. Three-Fold Yarn

It indicates that the end of the line has been divided into three branches. It indicates that there will have much larger good luck than the two-fold yarns.

3. Spike line

The end of the line has been divided into many branches. They are like wheat ears. It represents that it reduces the implication of the line. It also gives warning of the physical and mental fatigue and weakness.

4. Confluence line

Two lines combine into one line. It signifies that the force of the line is reinforced. If it is especially clear, it will be best of the best.

5. Chain line

It means that many lines have mingled with each other. The range is wider. It signifies that the force of the line has reduced. This kind of line mostly happens on the soft hand.

6. Hook line

The end of the line is like a hook. It is predicted that good luck will go forwards and turn to bad luck.

7. Jagged line

It is a jagged and sharp line. It is like a saw. The meaning of the line is reduced.

Overlapping Texture

8. Parallel line

It indicates the parallel line alongside the mainline. It does not have any bad meaning. Moreover, it has the assistant function to its advantage. However, if the line has the situation of the rupture and bifurcation. It will make a serious effect.

9. Tassel pattern

It indicates that the pattern has many miscellaneous lines. It shows a messy state. Moreover, the extending direction is not in a disciplined mode. If this situation happens, it generally will affect the mainline and consume one’s good luck. It will lead the bad luck and destroy one’s aura. We should strictly guard against this situation.

10. Branch line

It indicates the lines branching from the mainline. It represents that the force of the mainline is reinforced. If the direction is upwards, it represents good luck and it unleashes the positive function. If the direction is downwards, it represents bad luck and the situation will not meet the predicted one.

11. Wave line

It indicates the curved line that likes the wave and is not disciplined. It represents the mainline is weak. Or the owner is experiencing turmoil. The event usually happens a sudden change and it goes forwards to bad development.

12. Chain line

It indicates that it is formed by connecting the series of small circles. The variation of the shape is different. It represents the business is experiencing various blocks. It not only will not reach the expected result. Moreover, the problems will happen repeatedly. It belongs to the unlucky line.

13. Star sign

It means the pattern of the star. It has the effect of turning the danger into a bargain. It lets the owner meet the good luck. However, sometimes, it will create bad luck because of the bad locations.

14. Island sign

It means that the combination of textures is interwoven into various geometric figures. It is looked like an island on the palm. This kind of palm pattern has an unlucky meaning. It is extremely negative. The whole direction of luck will go forwards to the negative side. We should pay more attention.

15. Intermittent lines

It means there are gaps between the lines. It also belongs to the unlucky line. It largely represents the luck stops or there are changes. It is especially the cause of the environment. The result will be more unimaginable. Moreover, it will have certain influences on the psychology of the human being. However, it has a certain influence. It symbolizes the slack of one’s willpower. Or He or she has the emotional trauma.

16. Crossline

It means the line turns out to be a cross. It implies that it will have the unlucky event. Moreover, it is hard to be prevented. It is far from expected. It lets others have no time to respond to a crisis. However, if it is located in the palm, it represents the owner is talented. He or she even has the talent in the field of mystical knowledge.

17. Triangle sign

It indicates that the positive power created by the sign has been reinforced. The happening of this sign represents a certain meaning of good luck. If it is located on the headline, it represents that the intuition force is reinforced. It can even avoid disasters on its own. However, if it appears on the lifeline, it represents the body may have the disease.

18. Square Sign

It indicates the square pattern. The function is very strong. It gives certain protections to the owners of this square sign. It can prevent troubles and turns bad luck into good luck. However, we should make a judgment about its nature according to its location. If it is located at the lifeline, the owner may have to go to prison.

19. Net Sign

It indicates the net pattern. It has the meaning of interrupting and slowing down. However, if it is located at the Venus mount, it will give the owner good luck. It represents that the owner saves a lot of money. However, if it is located at other locations, it may have the possibility of happening of the accident.

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