What does the Ending of the Lifeline mean?

Different kinds of the ending of the lifeline have different meanings.

The ending of the lifeline has different kinds of variation. We can obtain the information of the “the variation of life”.

1. The line abruptly bends to the Venus mount

It means a serious illness. You should pay attention to that.

2. The line has multiple branches

It means the dispersion of life force. That means the owner will be easy to get sick in the old age. If it is serious, the owner will be unable to get out of the bed or it becomes the disease of senile dementia.

3. The branches are joining with the lifeline

The short branch from the lifeline has joined the fate line that climbs up from the wrist. Apart from the positive meaning of the line itself, the fate line can be the assistant line for the lifeline.

4. Snake-like branches

Its meaning is not quite good. It means the depletion of the physical power or the disease induced by the abnormal lifestyle.

5. The messy ending

If the lifeline is drawn clearly, it will be a good look. If the line is zigzagging and has many branches, or there are many short and horizontal lines overlapping, it represents the force of the lifeline is interrupted.

If the ending of the lifeline is cut by the horizontal lines, star signs, cross signs, it mostly represents the danger of life or the decline of life.

When observing the lifeline, you should pay attention if discovering the above situation.

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