Different Situations of the Lifeline have Different Meanings

A good lifeline means good health.

1. Chain-like lifeline

It represents that the line is messy. It means that the owner lacks vitality. He or she is easy to get sick. As the physical power is not enough, the sustainability of the owner is also affected. Therefore, in the aspects of character, the owner shows a lack of stability. They are easy to get disgusting. This kind of person should not be unconvincing. They should live life according to their own pace.

2. Many overlapping and fine lines

This kind of situation can be judged as messy lines. As the constitution is weak (the owner is especially easy to get sick in the organs), the owner should not be too strained.

3. The line has the island signs

The lines sometimes will have island signs. If it is clearly drawn in the thick and deep lifeline, it represents that it has a negative influence. It is said that the annoyance and the depression. The issue is not processing with the expected process. If it is serious, it may relate to the abnormality of the body. However, it will not lead to the threat of death. Please be relaxed.

The length of the island is proportional to the length of the difficulties. Therefore, we can use the fleeting method to calculate the duration of the date of the troublesome period.

4. The barrier line that cuts the lifeline

It is nearly the straight line that cuts horizontally the lifeline. We called them as barrier line. It represents the various kinds of acute illness, accident, and disaster. This kind of disaster does not only happen to the owners themselves, it also includes the intimate person. The owners will get an attack in the aspects of body and heart. If the horizontal line is thick and deep, it represents that the disaster is great.

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