What is the Meaning of the Luck-opening Line that starts from the Lifeline?

The line climbing up from the lifeline has good meaning.

We call the line that starts and climbs up from the lifeline the luck-opening line. If we take the lifeline as the land. The luck-opening line is the plants that is absorbing the nutrition from the land and are growing up strongly to a higher level. However, the condition of the luck-opening line is that they should climb up continuously. Those extending horizontally will not be counted.

1. The line that climbs up to the middle finger

The effort will be rewarded. The career and the marriage will prosper. We call the bottom part of the middle finger the Saturn mount. It has stored the luck of effort and the motivation. The plants that extend from the lifeline can open up.

2. The line that extends to the ring finger

The bottom part of the ring finger is the Sun mount. This is the hometown of fame and wealth. Therefore, for this kind of person, their luck will tend to be on the fame and wealth.

3. Shortline

The short line is not noticeable. However, this kind of line is namely the seed of the luck-opening. We cannot ignore it. Although its strength cannot compare with the mature luck-opening line. It represents that omen of luck-opening. We should cherish and nurture it.

For the same reason, just using the fleeting method to calculate the age of the starting point of the luck-opening line, we can correctly predict which age the owner has his or her luck. Apart from that, if the strength of the luck-opening line is so strong that it has cut the lifeline horizontally, it just needs to extend in an extremely short distance and we can take it as the luck-opening line.

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