What is the Relationship between the Disaster and the Lifeline?

What can you find in your lifeline?

Apart from the stated meaning in the above section, the lifeline has concealed various kinds of “predictive power”. Among that, we cannot neglect one item stated in the following section:

1. The line that goes down from the Saturn mount

We should ask whether this line is extending from the lifeline or the bottom of the Saturn mount. The difference between the two sources is very important. It is because the state of upward climbing means luck. The state of downwards extending means bad omens.

The characteristic of the line that extends downwards is that there are signs of star, island, or cross on the top of the line. Therefore, if the Saturn mount has these kinds of signs and there is a line that extends downwards to the lifeline, we should be alert and take care that we will get hurt or disease. We cannot take it as the luck-opening line.

Apart from that, if the line that extends downward is, unfortunately, cutting the lifeline, it represents the omens of getting hurt and it is unavoidable. However, if the lifeline has not broken up in the midst, the owner will not lose his or her life.

The above-mentioned statement may cause some psychological discomfort for some people. However, we just need to seriously show that it is only the omen or tendency and we change our life habits from now on. For example, we change our life attitude of self-center or join the charity work and serve the society. We can prevent disaster.

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