What does the Upward Line towards the Index Finger mean?

Having “effort line” is usually a good sign.

We often said that the most important thing for humans is making effort. If we express it from the line, the line coming from the lifeline and going towards the index finger represents “effort”.

The relationship between the lifeline and the upward line (also called “effort line”) is just like the picture in the above section. It mostly happens as the upward line at the front part of the lifeline. When we are entering the age of thirty as stated by the fleeting method, the upward line from the lifeline mostly extends to the middle finger and the ring finger. It is also called the luck-opening line. In another word, the effort line at a young age becomes the luck-opening line through his or her effort.

1. The long and upward line

The long and thick upward line represents that the owner has spent a lot of effort and he or she sustain it to the end. Or the owner makes the effort now.

2. The short and upward line

You should not neglect it because it is too short. Even though it is about one centimeter, it is still the formal upward line. We should not neglect it.

Unfortunately, if you cannot find the upward line in your palm, you should not be panic. If you make effort now, it will appear. Apart from that, if the upward line is crossed by the horizontal line in the midst and becomes two lines, it represents that the obstacles will appear. At this moment, you should make a big effort to overcome the obstacles. You just need to make effort. The rewards will be yours.

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