Does the Headline represent how strong is your Mental Power?

The headline represents the line of ability.

When we talk about the headline, many will think it represents our mental power. This kind of idea is wrong. The mental power will change along with the effort of the owner. Moreover, how we judge mental power does not have the standard.

It is not certain for the people from the highest-ranking university have strong mental power. To cite the student of the Taiwan University, it is not every student to have a long headline.

The headline represents the line of ability. In other words, it is a line to discern the adaptability of the individual. It does not represent the index of wisdom or the capacity of memory power. I hope you can understand this point. I think that the name of this line should be changed. The name of the headline should be changed to the line of ability.

Now, those who worry about the length of the headline should be carefree and open their palms.

If the academic result of the owner is not good but his or her headline is very good, it represents that he or she has substantial power. If only he or she makes the effort within this kind of field, he or she will be successful. In short, when considering his or her occupation or the outlook of the future, this line is the necessary source of the information. Therefore, we should firmly remember that.

It is the saying that the ability is the character. We can check which kind of job we are suitable for from the headline. Then, we can make the utmost of our ability.

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