What is the Meaning of Different Starting Points of the Headline?

We can check out the character of the owner from the starting points of the headline.

Before discussing the length and the direction of the headline, we should talk about where the headline starts from.

It may say that the starting point of the headline may be higher than the lifeline, it may be lower than the lifeline, or it may start at the same point of the lifeline. From them, we can check out the character of the owner.

1. The headline leaves the lifeline

The headline is located on the upper side of the lifeline. The headline starts from the Jupiter mount. This kind of person has the character of Jupiter mount. It may say that he is passionate, his sense of justice. He or she is in the type of leadership. His or her action is courageous. He or she is self-confident. He or she will be obsessed with the details. He or she is inclined to have the straightforward spirit of the “young leader”.

2. Starting from the same location

The headline starts at the same location as the lifeline. It is said to be the standard. It is because this kind of palm line is very common. Therefore, the character of the owner belongs to the group of common sense. The owner should try his or her best to avoid indulging in large difficult circumstances or being reckless.

3. Starting below the lifeline

When the headline starts amid the lifeline, the owner will be too careful to be timid. Instead of saying that he or she is super-conservative, it is more suitable for us to say that he or she is negative. The most important thing for this kind of person is looking at things from a good perspective. They should not withdraw.

The above character is inborn. It is hard to correct it. Therefore, it will be better for us to bring different types of characters into life and integrate them into the application.

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