What is the Meaning of the Headline that bends down?

The headline that bends down may mean many things.

The headline or the branches of the headline of some person will bend down quickly. If we carefully categorize these kinds of headlines, they can be categorized into different types of headlines that bend towards various directions. However, they do generally bend down to the mount of the moon.

1. The headline that bends down to the moon mount

The moon mount indicates romance. These people are full of sensibility. They belong to the type that does extremely dislike the troublesome of real life.

2. The extremely long headline that bends down to the moon mount

The owner is full of the power of expression. They are thoughtful. Therefore, they are suitable to be painters or literary writers. If we deeply talk about it from the literary perspective, they are more suitable to write historical fiction. For visual art, they are more suitable to paint realistic drawings.

3. The shorter headline that bends down to the moon mount

This kind of headline belongs to the artists who are full of ability and wisdom. This kind of person is not suitable to spend more than one decade or two decades studying a certain type of work.

Apart from that, the headline that bends down slowly and extends to the upper part of the moon mount is so-called the standard headline. If the branches start from here, we are easy to discern the line is upwards or downwards. However, if it is only the mainline and there is no branch. We are hard to make a judgment. At this time, we can carefully study its amplitude from the starting point of the headline. If the headline bends quickly at the mid-point. We should make a judgment that it extends downwards.

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