What is the Meaning of the Headline that bends upwards?

What kind of people have a high sensitivity to money?

There are four mounts above the headline. The mount below the index finger is Jupiter mount (the power of leadership). The mount below the middle finger is the Saturn mount (the power of endurance). The mount below the sun finger is the sun mount. The mount below the little finger is the mercury mount (business).

For the line that moves upwards from the headline, the character of the mount will strongly hangover this owner.

However, the headline that bends upwards represents the sensitivity of the money. They belong to the winner of the business sphere and the type of group of reality. What is the reason for that? It is because the headline that bends upwards mostly moves upwards to the mercury mount and the mercury mount does exactly represent the business.

1. the headline that abruptly bends upwards

If the line crosses horizontally the heart line, it represents that the owner may be earning the money by fair means or foul. If the line crosses over the heart line and moves upwards to the little finger, this kind of tendency will be stronger. In the field of palmistry, it belongs to the type of “abnormal personality”. However, it is not a must for those who have this line to have that tendency. There are some exceptions.

2. The headline that slowly bends upwards

It belongs to the owner that pushes away others in order to earn money. In fact, this society originally is in this state. In order to earn money, the owner must push away others and run to the front. For those who earn money in the business world and hope to have a greatly successful life, this line is very important.

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