What is the Relationship between the Length of the Headline and the Specific Ability?

The headline represents the type and the genre of the ability of the individual.

As stated beforehand, the headline just represents the type and the genre of the ability of the individual. Therefore, if the headline is short, it does not represent that the intelligence of the owner is low. The length of the headline represents the specific ability of the individual in their brain and heart.

1. The long headline

If the owner has a long headline, it represents that he or she is good at expressing the internal heart of himself or herself. He or she is very careful. They belong to the type that is willing to employ much time to solve the problem. Therefore, sometimes they inevitably think too much. They are indecisive. They will just talk and cannot carry out the specific plan.

2. The short Headline

He or she has great wisdom and ability. He or she will not be indulged in the troublesome too long. Namely, he or she is not good at talking large sum of theory. They fix things very fast. Therefore, they may easily get failure. Although some people will blame them for “thinking not in a careful way”, they have the advantage of fast action. Therefore, we should not pay too much attention. Apart from that, this kind of people is not good at writing articles.

3. The standard headline

The standard headline means the headline that extends to the location under the ring finger. This kind of person can show their thinking in the brain in a plain way. Moreover, they can carry out their thinking into action. Although they may not have the outstanding ability, they handle the issue in a very decent way. They will not handle things excessively or insufficiently.

Apart from that, the length of the headline is not the same from the beginning to the end. It will change alongside the occupation and the action of the owner.

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