What does the Headline that shows Troublesome look like?

What does the headline that shows troublesome look like?

Although the headline does not show the magnitude of the intelligence, some of them belong to the type that induces the troublesome. People who have this kind of headline should take care of that.

1. The chain-like headline

The owner cannot focus on one thing. He or she is easy to be bored by one thing. He or she is not stable. If the heart line is also like a bracelet, it represents that the owner is easy to get troublesome with the opposite sex. This kind of people should control themselves well. At least, they should pay attention to the same work or same interest for about 10 years.

2. The headline that has the angle in the mid-way

The straight headline that has the angle in the mid-way represents the power is abruptly reducing. It means frustration, withering, incorrect behavior, etc. Originally, people with this kind of headline are extremely talented. If the owner themselves is willing to make effort, he or she may escape from the disaster and get the blessings. He or she may be a big shot.

3. The intermittent headline

The intermittent or wave-like line represents the issue of the focusing power. At this moment, the most important thing is being patient. If the owner can achieve this point, he or she will get success.

4. The weak headline

It represents that the owner lacks the power of life. It is because he or she lacks patience. Therefore, their life is not stable. The luck is certainly not able to expand. This kind of people only needs to focus on their target and go forward courageously. The line will become clear. If the owner does not just depend on others’ help and lives with their own power and wisdom, the headline will become independent.

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