What is the Meaning of the Headline that goes ahead straightly?

The headline is just like a knife. It means strongly mental power.

The headline will gradually draw a wide line. However, there will have the example of one straight line. If the headline is straight and long, it represents that the unique character of the owner will become more and more strong.

1. The headline that extends horizontally across the palm

If the headline extends horizontally across the whole palm, the owner will tend to be too rational. It may be because he or she is very cool-headed. They will the impression that they are boring. This kind of person is clever. However, the disadvantage is they like to take the principle. They are suitable for the science and engineering profession.

2. The headline that extends diagonally across the palm

Starting from the Jupiter mount, the line straightly extends to the central part of the Moon mount. The Jupiter mount represents the leadership and the dormant power. The Moon mount represents creative power. As such, this headline has tightly connected the contained meaning of these two mounts.

People who have this kind of headline is the leader who has the keen judgment power.

The straight line is strongly masculine. At the same time, it represents strongly mental power. Therefore, this kind of people tends to have excessive intensity. It is best that they control themselves in the best way. They should not show sharp-edge. However, it is not a bad omen. People who have this kind of headline are just taking up a sharp-edged knife. If we utilize it properly, it may be a good omen.

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